Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend! 2010

So all these pictures are out of order so I will just explain the goings on of our Thanksgiving Weekend. A few weeks before Thanksgiving I just thought it would be a very low-key day with our little family, Neals parents and maybe a few friends from our ward, but then I called up my Grandparents that are serving a mission in New York and after a few days of contemplating they decided to come. I was so excited to have a few members of my side of the family for Thanksgiving. As Monday , November 22nd came I couldn't decide what I was more excited for: My birthday on Wednesday, Thanksgiving on Thursday, or Black Friday. Then Monday night came and I was talking to my little brother on Skype when we decided he was coming to visit us for a few days. He decided to come Monday night around 9:00pm , drove to Vegas and was on a plane at 6:00 am Tuesday morning. I was so excited that he was able to come see me because he is leaving for two years, in about four weeks, to serve an LDS mission in KOREA. So if he hadn't come to visit I wouldn't have been able to see him before he leaves.
All I can say is Thanksgiving week was such a blast. I got to spend a lot of time with Dex going down town in pitts. and just hanging out. Then got to visit with my cousin Sara and my Grandparents.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Neal turned this huge box into a little play house for the girls. They loved playing with it.
Kamber is Grandpas little girl.
Just a cute pic.

I love the Sweet Times!

I love it when they are nice and cuddly with each other. I think it is so cute. They are usually trying to compete with each other with their toys, getting me, etc....So when I snatch up a photo like this, I am in heaven.

Sophees birthday party!

I really can not believe she is three. Since we took Sophee and her friends out on Friday we had a family party on Saturday. A few things I forgot to mention about Sophee in the last post- Sophee is now potty trained, it took us several weeks to master, and she still has to wear a pull-up at night, but she is a big girl. When they terrible threes are worse then the twos, it is true (lol). Sophee has started up on such an attitude that it drives me crazy some days, but at the same time it is really so funny. She comes up with so many random things. Sophee LOVES to dress up. I hardly get her dressed in real clothes because she finds her dress up clothes minutes after I dress her and changes. I can not wait to get her into dance lessons because I know she will do so well. She loves dancing and has this slow pincesslike motion that makes everyone just laugh because its so cute.

Neal and I took Sophee and her two best friends out for a birthday party. We first went to Dennys and had dinner, and then to the dollar theater to see Despicable Me. I think they had a ton of fun.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sophee is 3!

Man, what a cutie! Sophee turned 3 October 23rd, 2010. I think she knows it too. For some reason she has started acting like she doesn't need to listen and that she can get away with things. It is a little hard to keep her happy. However, my oldest girly is so beautiful, loving and funny. When its a good day she plays with her little sister and loves to give hugs and kisses. Sophee loves watching Dora, Barbie and Harry Potter. She loves to snuggle when she takes a nap and is great at giving hugs and kisses. I love her so much.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Halloween

Princess Leah Kamber
Cinderella Sophee

This and That

Just a little bit of everyday fun in the Lefler house! The girls play together really well 40% of the time, which is when these snap shots were taken.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby shower cake

Hopefully soon I will have more pictures of this cake I did 10/2/10. See some of my other cakes on my cake blog

Monday, September 13, 2010

Doug and Barbs Anniversary Cake!

Doug and Barbs 32nd Anniversary was this week and I wanted to make something for them. This was definatly not my original plan. I tried to make a chocolate marshmallow fondant but it just didn't work out (any tips would be appreciated) So I had to improvise with what I had. I just covered the cake with buttercream icing and then dipped a stamp in cocoa powder for the decal.

Mia's Baptism Cake

I was asked by a friend in our ward to make a cake for her daughters baptism celebration. I was told to do whatever I thought would look good-but that Mia (the one getting baptised) was very girly. I tried several new things with this cake. I made the cakes a few days in advance and then froze them- this saved me so much time on the day I put it all together. I got some advice from someone that really helped the cake firm up and be a lot more dense. And we bought a little hand steamer to make the final shiny look.
I really have to thank Neal-my Hubby- for all of his help. He honestly did the bow that is on top of the cake, also helped me with a lot of the white balls on each tier and did so much more. He is amazing-I love you!
This cake has 3 actual cake layers-one chocolate, yellow and confetti. The bottom tier is actually an upside down cake pan that I frosted and covered with fondant. I ended up using 5 cake boxes, so this cake was definatly a big job.

The ZOO, The Science Center, and a few Random

The girls and I have been able to do so many fun things with our play group here in Pittsburgh. The pictures here are of the Zoo and The Science Center. We had long, fun days at both.

These are just some random pics from the last few months. Sophee and Lillie are best friends. However, they have a love/hate relationship. One minute they are hugging and playing and the next they are hurting each other, either way they are a crack up to watch.
Kamber is such a climber. Here she climbed on her mattress, then onto Sophee's bed and then on top of the dresser. Even though she fell down from there once, she kept doing it, so I had to rearrange the room.