Thursday, June 26, 2008

I can be a jerk. . . . .

So, I just kind of got to thinking about how I totally can abandon my friends and family when I am having problems or stress in my life. I think that I can be a total jerk for not seeing how my friends are doing or even getting together with them. When I have something going on in my life I kind of disappear off the face of this earth. I don't return phone calls, I don't do things when asked and I don't really talk to anyone. This is not good-and I know it! SO......... if you think I am being a total jerk and wont talk to you or something please don't think that I don't like YOU because it is totally me and my life. I really need to learn how to get over my own problems and help out those that I love. So sorry to my friends and family.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has been so much fun! The weather has been crazy though. It will be sunny and hot outside.........and literally the next minute it will be hailing. We have done a lot of fun things like, theme parks, baseball games shopping, graduation etc.... We love spending time with all of our family here in Pitts.

Kennywood and The Pirates game

All the kids went to a theme park while in Pitts.
It wasn't as great as Magic Mountain
in Cali. But it was still fun.

Pirates Game
We all were able to go to the Pirates game. It was so much fun!!!! Sophee had a way good time too!