Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas at the Leflers

So I just looked through my camera and noticed that I didn't take any pictures of Christmas Day. BUMMER! I had ahold of the video camera the whole time. The picture of Sophee with Santa was very surprising. I thought she would love him! But she is crying. The second picture is of our stockings, we had Neals brother and his wife over for Christmas so that's why there are so many. I just want to thank Neal (cause I know he probly wont ever see this) for getting me surprises! I usually let him off the hook and tell him that I will just take the money and get what I want, but this year I MADE him get me something that I didn't know about so I would have something to open up for Christmas. Well, he did FANTASTIC, he got all the things I wanted. I LOVE YOU NEAL!!!!