Saturday, May 22, 2010

BBQ Hamburger and Cupcakes

Neal and I hosted a BBQ with some of the younger families in our ward. It ended up being a lot of fun and was a great way to get to know some people. We wanted to have it at a park but of coarse the weather did not agree and we had to move it to the church.
This is the cake that I made for Neals birthday/the BBQ. It is made out of two yellow cake mixes for the bun, two brownie mixes for the meat, and the onion, cheese and lettuce is made out of fondant. For the cupcakes I used vanilla cake for the bun and chocolate cake for the meat and the condiments are frosting. It was pretty quick to assemble since I didn't have to decorate too much. Was a lot of fun!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neals Birthday

Last year for Neals birthday we (I should say I) didnt do a whole lot. I didn't even make him a cake. So of coarse he has been reminding me about that for awhile.
I started his day off this year with breakfast (that I bought for him and then heated up) at 4:45 am. I then had his car filled with balloons and told him to go out for lunch at school. When he got home from school at 6pm he and I went out to dinner to this whole in the wall Mexican restaurant, (this was big because I don't like mexican food) We then came home and ate a "Better then sex cake" that I made and gave him his couple of presents. I asked him that night if he like his birthday this year and he said YES. So, the lesson I learned from this is that men really do care about things like this and that it was fun to do things for him that made his day special. I love you babe! Happy ??th birthday.
Kamber was asleep by the time we got home from the restaurant which is why she isn't in the photo.

Young Womens Cake

I made this cake for the young womens cake auction for our ward. It has the medallion and all of the colors and themes of the young women. There are three layers: Milk Chocolate, Yellow and Confetti, which are topped off with home-made fondant. Took an entire day but was a lot of fun.