Thursday, October 30, 2008

Staheli Farm

It was way fun going to the pumpkin patch with our family (Rick and T.j, Brad and Christina). We didn't get any pumpkins or go in the corn maze because it got dark really fast, but we got to go on some of the fun rides that they had and see the animals. We really enjoyed ourselves. Sophee even got to have a pumpkin painted on her cheek, even though she got a little tired and moody.

Sophee's 1st Birthday

Sophee's birthday was on October 23 but we had a last minute party on the 24. It was a lot of FUN!! We had family and friends there, played games, ate pizza and cake, opened presents and took a bat to the pinata. Here are some photos taken by Brad and Christina (check out some photos on their website, they are awsome)

Mom helping Sophee hit the pinata.....

All the kids dressed up in their Halloween outfits. Sophee was Princess Leah, Teagan was batman, Shelby was a scarecrow girl, Kalex was a transformer guy, Mylor was Darth Vater (SP?), Mason was Yoda and Triston was a lion.

Shelby and Mylor are being so kind and helping Sophee open up her presents....

Mom and Dad are helping Sophee blow out the candles on her first cake...

We gave Sophee her very own piece of cake. At first she was very lady like and would only lick off the icing but after her Uncle Dex showed her how to shove it in her face she found that that was way more fun.
Thanks for everyone that came and for the presents.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pittsburgh and D.C.

Neal and I got back from our trip about a week ago. We were definatley glad that we could go visit all the family but it's nice to be home. I personally was very excited to go to the D.C Temple TWICE. We went once for Jays endowments (he enters the MTC on Dec. 10th) and then the next day we went to Ian and Kayla's wedding. We really loved to see all of our cousins, siblings and parents (Sophee had such a blast with all the attention), and hope to see them again soon.

Thank you to Aurie for letting us leave our car at your house and taking us, and picking us up at the airport, we really got to save money from not having to pay for parking. We really appreciate it! (please get me your mailing address through e-mail or a comment)

Thank you to Neals mom and dad who helped us out with the whole trip (we probably couldn't have made it without their help) and for taking Sophee shopping.

Thank you to all the siblings and cousins who gave Sophee so much attention, Neal and I really appreciated the time we got to be alone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So Neal and I are going to Pittsburgh the 15th through the 20th this month, and are flying out of Las Vegas (McArran Airport). I have been trying to find the cheapest way possible for parking. I have called several hotels to see if they would let me leave my car for five days and the ones that I have called, say NO. I also have been googling to find cheap parking around the airport and can't find anything cheaper then $60.00.
If anyone knows of something that is cheaper then this please let me know, ASAP.