Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A little about Pitts. from Makensy Lefler!

PITTSBURGH!!! So we live in Bethel Park which is about 10 miles away from the root of Pitts. . The house that is pictured is ours, and is also the typical house you will see on all of the crazy streets here. You look at these old houses from the front and they are all tiny, old, cottage looking houses. Nowadays people are adding on to the backs of the house like ours is. (When I say our house, I really mean Neals parents, which is who we are living with). Once people add on to their homes they are really good sized homes, but I have no idea how people managed before now.
Some of the things that I dislike about Pitts.
#1- Three way stop sign. Now you usually have a 4-way stop at intersections instead of a light, here they not only have 4-way stops but 3-way stops. They are pointless, ridiculous, and time consuming.
#2- The driving/honking. People are very impatient here. They all drive so fast but yet it takes FOREVER to get anywhere. It took me awhile before I could get in the car and drive. I haven't drivin anywhere with anyone else in the car either.
#3- Stops every 300 meters. This is why it takes so long to get anywhere.

Some of the things I like about Pitts.
#1- The ward! We have only been here a week but have done so much with people in our ward. They are so welcoming and so caring. There are no labels or standards to set yourself up to. I am loving it.
#2- All the land. Mostly every house has quite a bit of land which makes playing outside in the yard so much fun.


I really dont like that she is now 1. She has been walking since around 11 months, which is just crazy to me. I just am so sad when I see her doing something new because I just want her to stay little. She has such a funny little personality/attitude. She is usually really happy but can get a little mean when you are giving her, her way. I love this little girl so much!
For her birthday we went to Chuck 'E' Cheese last Saturday. Even though Kamber didn't do anything except eat, Sophee had some fun with the games. Then on Monday the 15th, which is Kambers birthday we just had cake. Fun times with the chocolate icing.

Play time

In our downtime we have been driving around to see where some good play spots are. We have a mall just down the street from us that has a fun play area, which is really nice. There are a lot of outside play grounds too but its just starting to get warm so we haven't ventured out on any of them. Neal doesn't start his diesel mechanic school until the 29th of March so we all just get to play and see the sites. Its been a fun filled little vacation, I guess you could call it.


So, we are here! We have been in Pittsburgh for a little over a full week and it has been DIFFERENT(I will give details of what I mean by DIFFERENT in another post). The drive really wasn't too awful. We left last Friday in the afternoon and arrived Sunday afternoon.
During the drive I wanted to get pictures of all the different states' welcome signs but we only ended up getting a few.