Monday, September 13, 2010

Doug and Barbs Anniversary Cake!

Doug and Barbs 32nd Anniversary was this week and I wanted to make something for them. This was definatly not my original plan. I tried to make a chocolate marshmallow fondant but it just didn't work out (any tips would be appreciated) So I had to improvise with what I had. I just covered the cake with buttercream icing and then dipped a stamp in cocoa powder for the decal.

Mia's Baptism Cake

I was asked by a friend in our ward to make a cake for her daughters baptism celebration. I was told to do whatever I thought would look good-but that Mia (the one getting baptised) was very girly. I tried several new things with this cake. I made the cakes a few days in advance and then froze them- this saved me so much time on the day I put it all together. I got some advice from someone that really helped the cake firm up and be a lot more dense. And we bought a little hand steamer to make the final shiny look.
I really have to thank Neal-my Hubby- for all of his help. He honestly did the bow that is on top of the cake, also helped me with a lot of the white balls on each tier and did so much more. He is amazing-I love you!
This cake has 3 actual cake layers-one chocolate, yellow and confetti. The bottom tier is actually an upside down cake pan that I frosted and covered with fondant. I ended up using 5 cake boxes, so this cake was definatly a big job.

The ZOO, The Science Center, and a few Random

The girls and I have been able to do so many fun things with our play group here in Pittsburgh. The pictures here are of the Zoo and The Science Center. We had long, fun days at both.

These are just some random pics from the last few months. Sophee and Lillie are best friends. However, they have a love/hate relationship. One minute they are hugging and playing and the next they are hurting each other, either way they are a crack up to watch.
Kamber is such a climber. Here she climbed on her mattress, then onto Sophee's bed and then on top of the dresser. Even though she fell down from there once, she kept doing it, so I had to rearrange the room.