Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I"ve been TAGGED!!!

10 Years ago:

OH BOY!!. I can't even remember what I was doing 10 years ago cuz I WAS 10. HMMMM.. . . . . .I was still living in California with my family. My dad had remarried and I had two other brothers. I was one of 9 kids. We worked on rebuilding our new house to that it fit all of us. Oh ya, and I was homeschooled. Other then that I don't remember too much.

5 THings on my list today:

1- Wake up and get ready for the day (Didn't do that one)
2- Go to work
3- Babysit
4- Give Sophee her medicine

What would I do if I became a millionaire:

Well, first I would go on a cruise. After that I would make sure my kids never knew I was a millionaire because I want them to always work for what they want, its a very important lesson to be learned. I would build a nice house that would fit me and my 6 kids (Neal only knows about 4 hehehehe) And after I had payed off all my debt I would give some away to the poeple I care about and that needed it more then me.

5 jobs I've had:

1-Sandwich specialist at Subway
2- Grocer at Joes Main Street Market
3- Relocation Specialist at Allconnect in St. George
4- Assistant Manager for Sunset Ridge Management
5- Most inportant of all is being a MOTHER

5 Things people don't know about me:

1-IM ONLY 20 YEARS OLD. I get a lot of guff about that one.
2- I had a honeymoon baby, literally. The doc said I probably concieved my first happy night.
3- My mom died when I was 7.
4- I played every sport in high school that i could: Basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, drill team, and cheer.
5-I am head over heals for my husband. (Im sure everyone knows that though)

What snacks do I enjoy:

I am a pretty picky eater, but if I can get my hands on something you better believe its already in my mouth. I have so self control when it comes to FOOD. MMmm

3 Bad Habits

1- I like FOOD way too mcuh.
2- I tell my husband what to do instead of ask.
3- I can be a real bad procrastinator.

5 places I've lived:

3-St. George
4-Hawaii (I WISH..... JUST KIDDING0
5-Cedar City

I tag: DD, Emry, Christina and Kenzie Anderson

Happy Valentines Day

Neal and Makensy were going to spend our Anniversary in St. George but over the weekend our little Sophee got pretty sick. We took her to the doctor several times where they said she had the Croop. After a long day on Saturday we took her to the E.R. to get x-rays taken. The doctor treated her for pnemonia (i hope i spelled that right).
She is doing much better, but still has a pretty bad cough. We give her medicine 3 times a day, so I hope this will be over in no time.

Cute in the Nude

Sophee is sooooo cute!! It took us a little while to get a really cute picture but once we did, the pee in the blankets was well worth it.

Pretty in Pink

Mommie and Sophee were all ready for church and couldn't help but snap a shot of this pretty little girl.

Sophees first Christmas

The first photo is with daddy in Hatch for the Humphreys christmas party and the second is with "Grammie" when she came to visit.

Daddy and Sophee

Sophee just cant get enough of her daddy. She is usually only happy in the morning when she hears her dad.

Thanksgiving in Hatch

Thanksgiving was a blast. First picture the guys are playing garage band and the second Makensy and the guys are getting ready to go bunny shooting.