Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Jersey Trip January 2012 (Independence Hall/Pat and Ginos/Carlos' Bakery)

Ian and Shayna (Neals brother and sister-in-law) just moved to New Jersey a few weeks ago and since we are going to be moving soon we thought we better go for a visit since they were relatively close. We had such a blast and were so lucky to get a visit in with them. Here is what we got to do in our weekend visit.

Neal and I have been to Pat and Ginos restaurants before but since it was only 10 minutes away from Independence Hall we decided it would be worth the stop. We originally found out about the two friends who started the same type of philly cheesestake sandwhich shop on The Food Network channel show called Diners, Drives and Dives, but they have been famous for years. They sit on kiddie corners attracting people to come to their own instead of their opponents. The only difference between the two is what type of cheese wiz they use and how they cut their meat. We choose Pats to be the best!

I was really excited to go see some of the historical marks that New Jersey has. Some of the things we saw were Benjamin Franklins burial site, the Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell. It was amazing to think of how old all of these buildings are and what their meanings are all about.

So, when we were on our way to Ian and Shaynas house I was just randomly looking up addresses of places to go see and found out that Carlos' Bakery was only an hour away from where we were staying. So on our last full day in New Jersey we hopped on the long train ride (which I have a few photos in there of us) and went to the famous bakery. I am a huge fan of The Food Network Channel but for those who have no idea what I am talking about, Carlos' Bakery is owned by Buddy and his family and they are on a few shows which are called Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker. Sadly, Buddy was not working that day but I was able to snatch a picture with Buddys sister Lisa. It was so EXCITING!


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Tyann said...

Um, totally jealous that you got to go to Carlo's Bakery!!! My kids and I LOVE that show!! I've gotten so much inspiration from Buddy's cakes! How fun for you and your family! By the way, your girls are so beautiful and growing so fast!!